Carlos Ramos - Photographer

Bahías de Huatulco-Oaxaca-México

Bodas - Weddings

 The wedding day is a momentous event. You've invested time, a lot of time: months, maybe years. You've prepared everything carefully. You picked your dress, your bridesmaids, rings, invitations. The details list is very long. Finally, the long time awaited day arrives, and it deserves  to be perfect.

 It is for all these preparatives and the importance of this event that is going to mark will mark your life,that the shooting of pictures and video must be left in the hands of professionals. So we put at your disposal my several years of experience covering weddings. We cover from the preparations to the Post Reception. Of course you will not miss the study of the couple and if you wish, after the wedding, the session "trash the dress", which allows to get beautiful shots once the bride forgets that her dress  must remain impeccable for the ceremony, as already it has accomplished its prurpose to: make her look spectacular during the wedding. We offer you different packages of  both photography as well as photography and video to fit your budget and preferences.


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